Star Wars  Vehicles
Player Speeder
These were 4 initial sketch ideas for a player speeder design with variations.
Final Speeder Design
After a design was chosen, I did tighter versions for the outsource team to build it. The initial linework is up top, and the final version is below.

Speeder Truck
For one of the game's  planets, I designed a compact speeder to populate the world and have the flexibility to be fulled with different kinds of cargo and used in different scenarios.

Floating Fortress
Often I would be asked to complete parts of larger assets begun my coworkers. Here, my lead Ryan Dening created the design on this vehicle in a rough painting, and I took pieces and  Interpreted parts of his sketch into a tight designs that could be built.
Lead's Sketch

Floating Fortress
Here's some quick early sketch work and then the detail breakout I did for the bottom of the vehicle.
Speeder Ideas Sketch Sheet
This was a sheet exploring more speeders design ideas.

Featured Work