Star Wars Environments

Palace Planet Royal Chamber
Inspiration Piece for Royal Palace Chamber on the planet. I designed a modular interior set, so these kind of interiors could be realized in the game. The statue elements here were designed by my coworker Paul Adam.

Palace Chamber (Hutt Version)
The mood of the Palace Chamber changes when the Hutt's takeover and make the palace a casino. This piece was intended to use the same design, but visualize the texture and lighting changes.

Palace Chamber Breakouts
After the mood pieces, I needed to breakout each part of the structure into modular pieces so that the parts could be used in multiple configurations. These details sheets were utilized by external artists for production.

Palace Halls Ideas
I did lots of thumbnails exploring ideas for this architectural set. I combined elements of designs from Naboo (Episode I) and Cloud City from the original trilogy. I also had to respect the exterior sets that were already constructed.

Earthquake Zone
Part of the planet has been hit by massive earthquakes. This mood sketch depicted how the existing architecture could be damaged. I designed the props that are wrecked in the scene, and the undamaged designs I completed are below.

Landing Pad

Street Props
I wanted asymetry to make the designs different from various angles. I Included suggestions on different ways the props could be used, and accented with other modular pieces.
Featured Work

Star Wars Action RPG Environments
Below are some environments inspired by the Saga focusing on four player teamwork gameplay. The goal was to give each member unique skills that would dovetail with each other and create an environment which would foster collaboration.

Jedi Team in  Spice Mines
A demonstration of how a team of four Jedi players could work together on a mission. In the center one Jedi uses meditation to lift the grates, that another attacking Jedi uses to carve a path. Other Jedi use unique abilities to take out the droids in different ways.
Clone Troop Team in the  Command Center
Aboard a Republic Cruiser, a briefing room for a team of clones led by a Jedi. The  team review briefings and intelligence, upgrades skills and equips their team for the next mission.