Star Wars Inspired Sketches
These were various Star Wars related sketch studies for planets and scenes I have collected for various professional projects and fan fun.
During the time of Darth Vader...
The surface of this forgotten world is covered with the colossal statues and towers of the ancient Sith Empire, eroded over the millenia. These remains are now a place of dark contemplation for fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker-Darth Vader.
At the height of the Sith Empire, in the times of the Old Republic...
The central towers allow the Emperor to harness the dark side energies of the world, wielding planetary scale force lightning and hurl it into space at attacking vessels. For those who embrace the power of the Dark side, this is the center of all Sith teachings.

Underneath the Towers...
Massive Sith Holocrons are stored in the depths of the Sith Towers, allowing their evil knowledge to be transmitted by the towers to other planets nearby. In this shot two lone Jedi, are attempted to sabotage the towers, but are spotted by Sith guards...

At the dawn of the Empire...
An attack by the Empire on this unprepared banking world.
Featured Work

Swamp Encounter
Jedi Standoff
Radio Show Raltiir
This was a sketch I did of a scene that I had been wanting to visualize for a while, based off the Star Wars Radio show in the 70's. This was a scene where Leia confronts Vader at the spaceport on Raltiir, that the Empire siezing, one of my favorite sequences.
Epic Scale Space Slug
A scenario for an unexpected guest in a space combat level. Nothing like a Star Destroyer for lunch.
Asteroid Battle
Navigating the Asteroid Facility during combat.
Force Planet
A world strong with the Force.
Vader on Yavin
This scene takes place after the first Death Star Battle, even though his ship survived, he eventually crashes near the rebel base.