Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Wakanda Environments

Jungle Journey
On the left, initial sketches for the path leading to the city. To the right is a more finalized vision, visualizing texture, foliage and suggested points of interest.
Wakanda City Architecture Design
This was my initial pass on the architecture for Wakanda. It had a more primitive vibe, and was primarily stone.
Wakanda City Architecture Design Revisions
We reenvisioned the same forms with more texture variety, glass and technology.

Wakanda City Level Design
One of the levels in the game was the Wakandan city. I wanted the city to work on and around the natural environment and feel integrated with the landscape with a focus on verticality. I assisted design in creating the initial level layout below.
Wakanda City Architecture Level Application
I implemented the style and incorporated elements into a variety of layouts from game design.
Featured Work