Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Vehicle and Hardware Design

Doomstadt Vehicles and Hardware
Hardware and Vehicles encountered on the way to Doom Castle.

Mercenary Vehicles and Hardware
Designs for the mercenary militia team.

White Star/Captain America's Vehicles
Designs for Captain's America group of rebel heroes.

SHIELD Vehicles
Designs for the high tech para-military group led by Nick Fury and Iron Man, against Captain America.

Design Notes White Star Vehicles
The White Star vehicles all had a old school mititary retro vibe in the contrast to high tech SHIELD vehicles. (below). The vehicles alluded to famous designs like the Willys Jeep and the CH-47 Chinook. I gave all them all real blunt front ends with a distinctive grill feature, as many times they would crash into a scene for an encounter.

Design Notes SHIELD Vehicles
These designs needed to be antiseptic and high tech, with unpainted brushed armor. "Exaggerated Realism" inspired from real world designs.

Design Notes Doomstadt Hardware and Vehicles
The mortar container could be airdropped, open and fire for an encounter. The containers stack to gate the player forming walls and cannon configurations. The cannon has two kinds of ammunition- If it was connected to the container it could fire a shell, which were stored in the container and loaded via a belt. (upper left)  It could be powered by battery to fire energy beams too. (lower left). It auto targeting, but I added details to look like it could be aimed manually.
The one man minitank design attacks  with a powerful twin cannon punch, and a 30 cal machine gun. A big fork on the front rakes up troublesome protesters.

Design Notes Mercenary Vehicles and Hardware
Armored Troop Transport. The mercs drop from platforms on the side of vehicle (shown up here). I intended that the rear container could be unlatched and roll off the bed as the truck passed. The container could be used as a portable shelter prop.The cannons needed distinctive elements from our high camera viewpoint. So I added distinctive elements to the end of the barrel and gave it a distinctive circular base.

Design Notes SHIELD vehicles
The armored truck was a paddy wagon for super-powered heroes.   A debilitating energy pulse cycled around the rear, and inspired the oval shape in the top view.



Design Notes White Star Vehicles
The helicopter could face the player and shoot rockets and gatling guns. It was often used to fly along side buildings and tear up the facade, so I added a wall of  30 cal machine guns. The circular elements on the bottom of the chopper were hatches that could pop open so troops could drop into the game, without revealing to much of the interior.

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