Iceland Base Initial Sketches
The roughs below were initial explorations of the exterior, initially conceived as a facility grounded more in present day, the eventual outcome moved more toward science fiction.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Iceland Base Environments

Iceland Base Entrance
The entire facility was thought to be inside a glacial flow, and that the structure would accommodate for movement. The structures had tracks for parts to slide and readjust across each other. Vents and openings adjust to changes in pressure.

Iceland Base Interior
I wanted the ice to be cleanly carved and be implemented along side the hardware, much like windows and glass.

Iceland Interior Level Design
I assisted design in incorporated the main themes of the concept- the rotating, accomodating pieces of the interior, into a section that level designers could use as a springboard.

Iceland Transmission Tower Base
The base of the giant transmission tower  is sending out a complex transmission signal being used by the bad guys. The large sections of ice are used to cool the massive super computer encrypting the signal, while the yellow tank like structure on the side are banks of highly advanced fluid memory.
Iceland Tranmission Tower Upper Platform
Location for the final fight of the game.

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