Project Archive

Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Back in 2004, I had a great time contributing to the MMO Vanguard Saga of Heroes. Below is some of favorite pieces from that project, but if you would like to see more check out my archive site here. At this time, my primary workflow was line with digital color, and even though I have a variety of techniques I have practiced since then, I welcome doing line work and really enjoy doing it when I have the chance. I appreciate its clarity and precision.
Qualia Desert Continent
One of the major continents I worked on was a desert middle east inspired location. I designed many different kinds of architectural styles and aided game design layout cities and design points of interest.

Elven Architecture
There were several kinds of elven architecture in the game. The wood-elves used magic to craft living architecture from the trees. The dark -elves wielded sorcery to carve stone and shape their structure into pointed towers shaped like blades and knives.

Another continent I spent time on was Kojan, where I combined several east asian types of architecture, into the designs of cities.

Martok Land of Orcs and Goblins
One of the most fun areas I worked on was Martok, home of the Orcs and Goblins. For the Orc structure, I used large trunks, heavy beams and crude structural designs that needed raw strength to build. The Goblins, more intelligent, had crafting skills and could weave and bind structures together with their nimble claws. There structures had a feeling of something bound together.