Tomb Raider Underworld Thailand
Around 2007, I worked on several levels contributing paintover work and spent alot of  time with game design to help visualize game puzzles and prop elements for Tomb Raider Underworld. I began my first explorations into a variety of painting techniques.

Thailand Buddha Puzzle
This was a line drawing to help visualize the central puzzle in the Thailand Level. The arms would move in such a way to unlock different paths.

Rutlands Ship
These were some support drawings I did for a ship level . The proposed design to the right is a container unit for Lara's nemesis-  I was inspired by drive up bank teller tubes.

Kraken Puzzle
This was a  drawing to help visualize the Kraken Puzzle in the initial level of the game. The designs below were a kind of key the player found underwater to enter the Kraken Chamber.

This was one of my favorite sketches for a level that was cut.

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